From Humble Beginnings to Successful Business and Property Owner

TMC Financing Helps Rough Linen Gain Full Control of Business with Multiple 504 Loans

Tricia Rose started Rough Linen almost by accident. Inspired by her grandmother’s family linens, Tricia started making bedding for herself– and then for her friends and friends of friends.  Today, Rough Linen is a thriving small, artisan business that has successfully moved all aspects of their operations from a living room to leased spaced and finally to their own facilities. Tricia, the Owner of Rough Linen, utilized the SBA 504 Program several times in order to accomplish this and accommodate her flourishing business.

As many small businesses do, Rough Linen stemmed from a passionate business owner. Tricia fell in love with a hand-sewn pillowslip three generations old that she discovered in her grandmother’s cottage in Scotland.  A few years after her discovery, Tricia found a natural linen with the same homespun texture and made bedding out of it. From there, Rough Linen was born.

Rough Linen manufactures sheets, duvet covers, curtain panels, table linens, towels and more from 100% Linen fabric imported from Europe.  Every product is designed, cut, sewn, shipped, and now stored out of the San Rafael facilities that Tricia has purchased with 504 loans.

Tricia is a craftsman who takes tremendous pride in her work. From production to operations to marketing, Tricia is hands-on with every aspect of the business. However, it is impossible to be in complete control of your business when you are at the mercy of a landlord. This is why Tricia turned to TMC and the SBA 504 Loan Program when it was time to purchase real estate for Rough Linen’s operations.

Rough Linen has two SBA 504 Loans with TMC

Until 2013, Rough Linen was an in-home operation. The SBA 504 Program allowed Tricia to purchase real estate for her business with only 10 percent down. “Utilizing the 504 Program allowed me to secure a home for Rough Linen without having to put a large amount down upfront,” explains Tricia. “It really made a huge difference to be able to keep more cash on hand for other business expenses.”

A few years later, Rough Linen was thriving but Tricia was still paying rent to store materials. Once again, Tricia utilized the 504 program and purchased two adjacent condo units to provide the business storage capacity to stock additional raw materials.  By eliminating their storage expense, Rough Linen was able to bring their operation completely in-house and efficiently manage their materials on site. The newest acquisition also provided additional office and production space.

Rough Linen remains a small, artisan company; however, they are now in complete control of their business and their occupancy costs. “Access to continuous financing can play a key role in the success of a business and that definitely rings true for Rough Linen,” says Barbara Morrison, Founder and CEO of TMC Financing.

Rough Linen recently received a North Bay Maker Award for Workforce Development. The Rough Linen team includes about 20 cutters, ironers, sewers and customer service employees — most of which are women. As described on their website, the team is “a wonderful circle of collaborators, each person brings something to the mix, and is valued for who they are, what they do and where they come from.”

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