Business Owners

The backbone of our economy.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They drive economic development and create jobs and opportunities for our communities.

Small businesses are what make neighborhoods special.

Your business demands sacrifice, determination, and resilience. You hustle. Every day.

When you bring in extra cash, you put it back in the business. In the face of uncertainty, you keep moving.

You worry about your employees, like your family.

We understand your stress (we're a small business too).

TMC is you—a hard-working small business privileged to support other small businesses.

To hold onto your employees, customers, or clients.
To overcome limited resources.
To manage cash well and show a profit.

After all. You want to make money, do good work, and find new opportunities to grow.

Let's get to know each other.

Write yourself a check.

We are your advocate for the life of the loan. Our team of experts guide you through the loan process and remain your partner until your loan is paid off.

Why choose 504?

504 loans are specifically designed for small business owners.

Own vs Lease

Owning property is not as expensive as leasing.

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You, are our success.

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