Jennifer Davis and her team were invaluable, We were impressed by her responsiveness, patience, and most notably her industry knowledge. She even connected us with an insurance agent to help us cross the finish line. Read More

—Caprice Cortinas, Co-Founder, South County Plumbing

We worked with Merri for years, she helped us achieve our goal of owning property. Owning property not only shields you from rent increases but also aligns with long-term growth plans. Read more

—Anthony Dittmann, Founder, Kilowatt Events

It was amazing working with Chris and TMC team. Every time I called or emailed, somebody answered right away. Chris went above and beyond to make sure my business ventures were taken care it. He didn't just care about closing this deal. He was invested in my business's success beyond the transaction. He was very helpful throughout the whole process from start to finish. Read More

—Neb Kefale, Owner, SOS Property Restoration

The experience that TMC brings to the table is irreplaceable. On top of that, Jennifer and Jennine were a pleasure to work with and it was a great experience all around. Read More

—Abhijit Patel, Co-Owner, The Goddard School

“When you’re buying real estate, you have to expect that there will be a lot of steps. You have to be patient and diligent and having the right team is essential, too. TMC was excellent to work with, answering every question and supporting us along the way.” Read More

—Kristiyan Hristov, Co-owner, Premier Fencing Academy

Acquiring a larger facility not only provides increased storage and training space but also satisfies my father’s vision of boosting employee morale. Read More.

—Evelyn (Kim) Lee, CEO, US Metro Group

I was so familiar with TMC Financing’s reputation, I had no concerns. I allowed Chris to guide me through the loan process and in the end, it added such value to my business. I invested in myself instead of investing in someone else’s property.

—Sarah Thornton, Founder, Connected Communications

I’m glad we made the switch to TMC because purchasing real estate is a big step, a step we wanted to take to create a better tomorrow for our families. Bryce and the SBA believed in what we were doing, and it really helped us paint a long-term picture for success. Read More

—Josh Boone, Owner, Bandon Marina

One of our core values is that the quality of relationships drives the quality of results. When we met with John it just felt like the right people to do business with, people we could trust to take us through that process and also close the deal. John was very nurturing in terms of all the gears and knobs that come with a deal like this. He and TMC really coached us through it – and did it very quick. It was awesome.

—Alan Wang, Owner, KC HiLites

A key benefit for us was that TMC Financing and the SBA made it possible for us to purchase used equipment from another winery. That’s made a huge difference in what we’ve been able to do with our winemaking operation.

—Shaunt Oungoulian, Co-Owner, Les Lunes Wine

Working with Bryce and the TMC team was great. We only had to come up with 10 percent down with the 504 loan said Perez. It’s the most affordable option out there.

—Erica Perez, Owner, Oaktown Spice Shop

Working with Jim was great. The 10 percent down was very appealing and buying a building and not paying rent to a landlord is so rewarding. We’re investing in the property, not just paying someone else’s mortgage.

—Karly Urata, Owner, K&K Construction

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Own the business? Own the building.

FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare Medical Staffing

Was leasing and needed room to grow: “Our cost per square foot dropped 20%,” says CEO Travis Mannon, “and rates are so low you’d be crazy not to buy.”

AutoCrib, Inc.

AutoCrib, Inc.

Unified manufacturing operations with a larger facility: “Owning is really the way to go because you get to depreciate the building in a tax-advantaged way,” says founder Stephen Pixley.

Folktale Winery

Folktale Winery

Expanded with new winery, vineyard and tasting room: “It was a challenging deal, but TMC did a great job of managing the challenges,” says owner Greg Ahn.

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Lodge

Yosemite resort opens spring 2016: “Without the SBA piece from TMC we couldn’t have gotten this done,” says owner Lee Zimmerman.