John introduced us to invaluable resources, that helped us understand our financials and streamline our bookkeeping,” Grass acknowledged. “Our customer base has grown, and we feel validated in the small business space – that type of recognition is priceless. Learn More.

—Nancy Grass, Co-founder, Nanni & Deeda’s Toys

Chris and TMC were instrumental in strengthening Cashman’s financial stability. By consolidating our debt and our operating locations, we’ve streamlined our production and significantly lowered our monthly payments. I only wish I had known about the 504 loan option years ago; the terms are unbeatable. Read More

—Robert Dolan, President, Cashman Photo

Our TMC team, led by Dean Aloe, was great to work with. You expect some challenges with a large purchase like this, but TMC and our bank ensured that the whole process was remarkably smooth. The communications were excellent and our financing team drove the process and came together to move it forward.

—Mike Simms, CEO and co-founder, Tin Roof Bistro

Chris and the TMC made all the difference. We’d finally found the right location and our financing team made the deal easy. Now, we own the commercial property we need with great loan terms. Read more.

—John Zyadet, Owner, Southwest Barricades

With any large real estate deal, there are going to be a few bumps,” Bryan explains, “but Jim and TMC were great. They were easy to reach and responsive and kept the purchase moving forward. Read more.

—Bryan Solus, Owner, Groceries 4 Less

Owning my facility in Poway has been truly empowering. I plan to customize the space to provide the best care for the children and their families. Merri and her team have offered their guidance and support for many years, and I am beyond grateful. Read more

—Julie Lowen, Founder, Children’s Paradise

Jennifer Davis and her team were invaluable, We were impressed by her responsiveness, patience, and most notably her industry knowledge. She even connected us with an insurance agent to help us cross the finish line. Read More

—Caprice Cortinas, Co-Founder, South County Plumbing

We worked with Merri for years, she helped us achieve our goal of owning property. Owning property not only shields you from rent increases but also aligns with long-term growth plans. Read more

—Anthony Dittmann, Founder, Kilowatt Events

It was amazing working with Chris and TMC team. Every time I called or emailed, somebody answered right away. Chris went above and beyond to make sure my business ventures were taken care it. He didn't just care about closing this deal. He was invested in my business's success beyond the transaction. He was very helpful throughout the whole process from start to finish. Read More

—Neb Kefale, Owner, SOS Property Restoration

The experience that TMC brings to the table is irreplaceable. On top of that, Jennifer and Jennine were a pleasure to work with and it was a great experience all around. Read More

—Abhijit Patel, Co-Owner, The Goddard School

“When you’re buying real estate, you have to expect that there will be a lot of steps. You have to be patient and diligent and having the right team is essential, too. TMC was excellent to work with, answering every question and supporting us along the way.” Read More

—Kristiyan Hristov, Co-owner, Premier Fencing Academy

Dean and the TMC staff are wonderful, they helped us take our business to the next level. Acquiring a larger facility not only provided increased storage and training space but also boosted employee morale. Read More.

—Evelyn (Kim) Lee, CEO, US Metro Group

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Own the business? Own the building.

FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare Medical Staffing

Was leasing and needed room to grow: “Our cost per square foot dropped 20%,” says CEO Travis Mannon, “and rates are so low you’d be crazy not to buy.”

AutoCrib, Inc.

AutoCrib, Inc.

Unified manufacturing operations with a larger facility: “Owning is really the way to go because you get to depreciate the building in a tax-advantaged way,” says founder Stephen Pixley.

Folktale Winery

Folktale Winery

Expanded with new winery, vineyard and tasting room: “It was a challenging deal, but TMC did a great job of managing the challenges,” says owner Greg Ahn.

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Lodge

Yosemite resort opens spring 2016: “Without the SBA piece from TMC we couldn’t have gotten this done,” says owner Lee Zimmerman.