TMC Financing Leadership & Board


TMC Financing's seasoned leadership team has a wealth of collective experience, forged through years of dedicated collaboration. Their unwavering commitment to advocating for each client and delivering positive outcomes translates into round-the-clock availability.

To ensure alignment with TMC's culture of excellence, Barbara and the leadership team convene regular brainstorming sessions, harnessing the diverse expertise of employees across the organization. These collaborative efforts serve as a catalyst for achieving our company's strategic goals and vision.

Barbara Morrison

Founder and President

Kurt Chambliss

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mike Vanecek


Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Mitchell


Executive Vice President, Loan Operations

Board of Directors

Arthur Washington

Daniel Fujimoto

David Hofmann

DJ Kurtze

James Cheung

Jennifer Eltinge

Kelly Larocca

Steve Pollett

TJ Chavez

William Sommer

Ansie Ting

Keith Merklin