SBA Energy Efficiency Financing

Exceed traditional loan limits by Going Green

TMC Financing has helped dozens of businesses access  $350 million in financing using a special SBA energy efficiency financing program that allows business owners to qualify for additional SBA 504 financing when they meet energy efficiency requirements.

Under this program, the SBA 504 portion of the financing package is increased to a maximum of $5.5 million. There is no limit on the first mortgage amount, so there is no limit on the total project cost. In many cases, projects in excess of $25 million can still qualify for only 10% down.

When energy efficiencies are implemented, borrowers can exceed traditional SBA maximum — an individual can borrow up to $16.5 million from the SBA.  So you may be eligible if you already have outstanding SBA loans or you have reached your usual SBA lending limit of $5 million per borrower.

There are two ways to qualify for additional SBA financing through this program:

  1. Reduce energy consumption by 10%For example, installing energy-efficient lighting may reduce overall energy consumption as compared to your prior or pre-renovated building. New windows, insulation, HVAC or energy-efficient equipment may also help reduce consumption.


  1. Generate renewable energy or renewable fuels to make up 15% of energy use

    For example, installing solar panels and/or wind turbines to generate at least 15% of energy for business use.

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