2024 Small Business Outlook

As the business landscape continues to evolve, small business owners remain vigilant, anticipating and adapting to changing economic tides. With the onset of 2024, TMC Financing sought insights from its portfolio of funding recipients across California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon to illuminate the trajectory of small businesses in the coming year.

Here are some key highlights:

  • 47% of businesses saw an increase in revenue in 2023 compared to 2022.
  • 53% of businesses believe their revenue will increase again in 2024
  • 37% of businesses plan to hire additional employees in 2024 while only 4% plan to reduce their number of employees.
  • 92% of businesses report that the 504 loan has helped their business.

Here are the complete findings with a sample size of 400 participants:

Revenue Resilience:

  • Despite the challenges of 2023, nearly half of businesses (47.4%) reported revenue growth, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

  • While 28.6% experienced a decline, and 24.1% maintained stability, the majority of respondents are optimistic about their revenue outlook for 2024.

Economic Outlook:

  • Regardless of lingering uncertainties, a substantial portion of propietarios de pequeñas empresas (42.6%) remain optimistic about avoiding a recession in 2024.
  • However, a notable percentage (18.5%) express concerns and believe that 2024 may bring a recession.

Expansion Strategies:

  • The majority of respondents (70.7%) do not plan to expand their business space in 2024, reflecting a cautious approach to growth.
  • However, among those considering expansion, there is a notable interest in purchasing (19%) or leasing (5%) additional space, underscoring the potential for strategic investment in the right circumstances.

Financial Planning:

  • With rising interest rates and economic instabilities, a significant majority (72.4%) of respondents do not plan to refinanciar in 2024.
  • However, a small percentage (4.3%) do anticipate refinanciación, while a notable portion (23.3%) remain undecided, reflecting the need for careful consideration in a changing economic landscape.

Workforce Dynamics:

  • A considerable portion of small business owners (36.5%) plan to add employees in 2024, signaling confidence in their growth prospects.
  • Meanwhile, only a small percentage (4.4%) consider reductions, with the majority (59.1%) aiming to maintain current staffing levels, reflecting a balanced approach to workforce management.

Impact of SBA 504 Financing:








The overwhelming majority (92%) of respondents affirm the positive impact of Financiamiento SBA 504 on their businesses, citing enhanced stability, growth opportunities, and prudent financial management.

Client testimonials further underscore the transformative role of SBA 504 financing, highlighting its significance in enabling expansion, providing stability, and facilitating strategic financial decisions.

  • “It allowed us to acquire a property for 10%. We would not be able to afford a 20% down payment.”
  • “Our four 504 loans have enabled our rapid growth.”
  • “Steady long-term rate. Consistency in prediction and budgeting.”
  • “It gave us the ability to buy our building… which meant we would never have to worry about rents increasing.”
  • “If it wasn’t for the 504 refi loan in 2022, we would likely have had to close our business in 2023.”
  • “With this loan we were able to purchase the building that our business is in, and because of that we have stability in knowing what our rent will be as well as security in knowing that we will always have a building for our business.”

Overview of the SBA 504 Program:

Préstamos SBA 504 enable a business owner to purchase, renovate, construct, or refinance commercial real estate with only a 10 percent down payment. With the low down payment of the 504 loan, businesses can retain precious working capital so that a business can continue to grow. Renovations, equipment, closing costs and soft costs can be financed as part of the total project cost, and the down payment is only 10 percent of that total.

Offering below-market, fixed interest rates and requiring a low down payment, the program empowers entrepreneurs to realize their visions for growth and success.

Small business owners who have benefited from the Programa SBA 504 praise its role in providing stability, facilitating growth, and empowering prudent financial decisions.

TMC Financing authorized $620 million in total SBA 504 financing in 2023. As small businesses navigate the complexities of the economic landscape, TMC Financing stands ready to provide tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Póngase en contacto con TMC Financing hoy to explore how SBA 504 financing can align with your business goals, empowering you to thrive amidst uncertainty and realize your vision for success in 2024 and beyond.