Why partner with TMC Financing?

TMC Financing is a Premier Certified Lender with the SBA, which gives us increased authority to approve, process, close, and service loans.

The shared structure of the SBA 504 loan lessens the credit risk for banks lending to small businesses. The commercial lender portion of the loan is lower, typically 50% loan-to-value.


  • 504 loans have a lower reserve requirement
  • As low as 10% down for most property types removes a major financing barrier for many clients
  • TMC completes all the SBA paperwork using the same information you do, streamlining the borrower's experience.
  • Help your clients unlock trapped equity in commercial real estate holdings and gain a below-market fixed interest rate by refinancing with TMC’s SBA 504 Program
  • TMC can assist your bank in understanding the SBA 504 loan program and provide a no-cost pre-qualification analysis to ensure your clients qualify

How SBA 504 Loans Can Help Your Clients

SBA 504 loans enable business owners to buy commercial real estate and other fixed assets at below-market, long-term, fixed interest rates. Fully amortized over 25 years, these payments carry no balloon payment.

Loan proceeds can also be used to construct new buildings or upgrade existing buildings and purchase equipment with a 10-year life expectancy

SBA 504 loans from TMC Financing feature:

  • As low as 10% down payment. Single-purpose facilities or start-up businesses may require 15% down
  • Below-market interest rates fixed for 25 years
  • No maximum to total project cost
  • No additional collateral required
  • Closing and other soft costs can be included in total project cost

Customized Loans for Financial Institutions

Your business-owner clients can benefit by utilizing the SBA 504 Program. Let us show you how to help them secure below-market, fixed interest rate loan, fully amortized over 25 years.

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Lender Training

TMC assists banks and other financial institutions to understand and leverage the benefits of the SBA 504 loan program. TMC training includes:

  • A private lunch-and-learn presentation to share the basics of the SBA 504 loan program.
  • A customized loan scenario using your proposed loan terms applied to SBA structure of low-down payment, below-market rate, fully amortized 25-yr terms.
  • A courtesy pre-qualification client review (complete in 24 hours of application) using existing information.

Own vs Lease

We'll help show your clients that owning property is not as expensive as leasing.

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