Fourth Generation San Francisco Builder Purchases Building to Ensure Long Term Stability for Company

UpCycle Builders Utilizes SBA 504 Program to Conserve Cash with Building Purchase

TMC Financing recently helped Rob Walker, founder and owner of UpCycle Builders in San Francisco, purchase the property he was previously leasing for his business. By utilizing the SBA 504 Program, Walker was able to purchase the San Francisco condo for $1.8M with only 10 percent down and a 20-year, below-market fixed interest rate. San Francisco office rents are rising two times faster than the national average. By purchasing his building, Walker has escaped volatile rental rates and fixed his occupancy costs for the long term.

UpCycle Builders is a full-service renovation and new-build construction firm dedicated to building in a less waste producing manner. Rob Walker is a fourth generation San Francisco builder and a Certified Green Building Professional.

Rob’s great grandfather, established his construction business in San Francisco in the wake of the 1906 earthquake. He’s pictured here in front of his shop at 1303 Eddy Street. Image via

“UpCycle is a fantastic company that is raising the bar for general contractors,” states Anna O’Brien, senior vice president who facilitated the deal on behalf of TMC Financing. “Much like at TMC, Rob strives to be his clients’ advocate and mutual trust is of utmost importance. He genuinely cares about his clients and his employees, which is why it was so important to him to establish a stable operating location in San Francisco.”

Walker obtained financing through the SBA 504 Program to purchase a 3,150 square foot mixed used condo located at 3450 3rd Street in San Francisco. The 504 loan allowed Walker to acquire the condo with only a 10 percent down payment and a below-market, fixed 20-year rate. UpCycle occupies about 55 percent of the building, allowing Walker to rent out the remaining space and gain additional monthly cash flow.

“The 10 percent down payment is what drew me in,” states Walker. “Conventional lenders required 30 to 40 percent down and we simply couldn’t afford that.

“Working with Anna and the TMC team helped tremendously. Anna was so thorough with her explanation of the program. She sat down with me and went over all the nitty gritty details I wanted to know.”

“I’ve taken out many mortgages throughout the years but this was by far the most thoughtful transaction. Typically, there is an artificial sense of urgency with real estate transactions but in this case, I didn’t feel that way at all. Anna treated this transaction the same way I did, as a serious long-term investment.”

Purchasing the San Francisco property was a crucial move for Walker and UpCycle. Walker is building his real estate portfolio, he’s able to leverage his business for long-term personal gain, he’s writing his rent check to himself and building equity, and most importantly, the stability allows him to focus on his business.

“We want to increase our foothold in San Francisco and also expand into the North Bay,” declares Walker. “Having a stable operating location allows me the opportunity focus on our expansion and new business opportunities.”

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