TMC Success Story – Atherton Healthcare

July 5th, 2012

TMC Success Story – Atherton Healthcare

Atherton Healthcare; Menlo Park, California; David Dediachvili, Co-owner; Natalia Josseliani, Co-owner

• SBA 504 Financing

• Total Project Cost: $8,876,344

• Jobs Retained and Created: 85

• TMC Lending Partner: California Bank & Trust

Natalie Josseliani has a medical background in her native Georgia, and her husband, David Dediachvili is experienced in finance. These skills provided excellent preparation to become the owners/operators of Atherton Healthcare, a full-service skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility serving seniors who need short-term or long term care.

The story of Atherton Healthcare is an example of putting know how and skill to work to create a successful turnaround.

When the couple purchased the property, there were only 60 patients in residence and the facility needed updating. They made physical improvements and hired and trained staff. Atherton Healthcare now houses some 160 patients cared for by 170 employees.

“In today’s commercial real estate market, it might seem like a risk to make a big investment in property,” says Dediachvili, “but it’s actually a good time to buy. Rates are low, prices are pretty reasonable, and you never know, tomorrow may be too late.”

“Besides,” says Dediachvili, “it just makes good financial sense to own the property where you operate your business. It’s better to be your own boss, rather than having a landlord telling you what to do or not do.”

Dediachvili says he couldn’t have asked for more from TMC’s Bruce Whitaker and California Bank & Trust.

“In the beginning, I was worried about time constraints, but they did everything possible to accommodate my needs before the deadline on the option to buy,” he says.

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