SBA 504 Success Story: Tassajara Learning Center

December 5th, 2008

SBA 504 Success Story: Tassajara Learning Center

We are pleased to feature this wonderful SBA 504 Success Story!

  • Lynn Banducci & Kristi Wolf of Tassajara Learning Center – Danville, CA
  • 1st Mortgage Lender: Greater Bay Bank
  • 2nd Mortgage Lender/CDC: TMC Development
  • Total Project Cost: $4,247,200

Do you believe in fate? Lynn Banducci and Kristi Wolf do. They think that their small business, The Tassajara Learning Center (TLC), was truly meant to be.

While on a walk a few years ago with her newborn daughter, Lynn ran into her neighbor Kristi for the first time. Kristi also had a newborn in town and to their surprise they discovered that the babies had actually been born on the same day! The coincidences didn’t end there – both of their husband’s are named Mike and share a birthday, and both women had been preschool teachers before becoming new moms (actually holding the roles of director and owner).

TLC is the result of that fateful day. Conceived in 2003 and officially opened this year with the completion of a newly constructed facility, the center is currently enriching the lives of over 200 families.

Lou Scarpa of TMC Development partnered with Kurt Chambliss of Greater Bay Bank (now with First Republic Bank) to provide Lynn and Kristi with an SBA 504 loan which afforded them with the opportunity to fulfill their vision. Lynn says, “We were incredibly fortunate to find a financial institution that understood our desire and the community’s need for a new preschool in Danville. TMC allowed us to pursue our dream, helping us understand the commercial lending process step by step. We are so grateful for that.”

The building was designed by Kristi, Lynn, and Lynn’s husband Mike, who is a developer in the area. Every foot of the building has a purpose. “We took our education, knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Education to create the perfect facility for not only the children, but for parents and teachers alike.”

TLC’s philosophy is play-based with an academic purpose to every activity. The children learn through hands-on experiences using music, movement, art, math, science, computers and cooking. The new facility has 5 state-of-the-art classrooms and a playground which boasts a 42 foot pirate ship, a train, a village of playhouses and more! TLC has obviously set a new standard in Early Childhood Education.

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