Contra Costa

SBA Loans Enhance Profit and Value

The CDC/504 loan features a low down payment and a below-market, long-term fixed interest rate. This affordable financing option makes building ownership possible for individuals who lack the capital to qualify for a conventional loan. Consequently, a larger pool of potential buyers means commercial mortgage brokers reap the benefits as well.


The Future is Female!

Our CEO Barbara Morrison, recently won the Industry Impact Award at ELEVATE. Elevate is an annual Bay Area wide event honoring diversity and women’s leadership in commercial real estate.


Family business improves senior care in smaller communities

“We approach the market from a real estate perspective,” Dinesh Sawhney said. “It’s probably not a common path – from shopping centers to a hotel to high-level memory care facilities for seniors with dementia – but there is a need in our market for assisted living, so that’s where the opportunities are.”