Longtime Leasee Purchases Building with SBA 504 Loan administered by TMC Financing

Renteria Vineyard Management ‘Owns a Building they Love’ with only 10 percent down payment

Experts estimate the global wine market will reach a size of $825 billion by 2030 – and a significant part of that growth will happen due to expanded production in Napa Valley, California. Renteria Vineyard Management is at the forefront of premium wine production.

blanca wright, renteria vineyard management“Renteria Vineyard Management is a full-service vineyard management company,” explains Blanca Wright, its Chief Financial Officer. “We start in the vineyards when the plants wake up all the way until they go to sleep.” With over 2,000 acres under management, the firm will add about 150 more in 2023, reaching 600 employees at peak season.

With help from TMC Financing and the SBA 504 Loan Program, Renteria recently acquired a 5,049-square-foot building in the heart of Napa’s wine country for $1.4 million and only 10 percent down payment.

“Renteria has been a longtime leasee, but owning was always a goal for them,” explains Anna Rummelein who administered the SBA 504 loan. “Unfortunately, wine has often been looked at as a high-risk industry by lenders.”

When Renteria wanted to figure out a way to purchase real estate for the business, the firm’s long-time banker suggested they look into the SBA 504 program.

A long-term initiative of the Small Business Administration administered by a select group of Certified Development Companies including TMC Financing, the SBA 504 loan program is specially designed to help businesses finance the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate at below-market interest rates and low down payments.

An SBA 504 loan can also be applied to the purchase of equipment or used to update and upgrade the property. Incentives are available to encourage business owners to introduce energy-saving and eco-friendly features on their premises.

“The 504 loan allowed us to not only secure the building, but build it out the way we want it,” states Wright. “We’re making quite a few tenant improvements so when we move in, we’re not just owning a building – we’re owning a building we love.”

The SBA 504 program offered a loan structure that was just right for Renteria along with a highly attractive interest rate and low down payment. “The low interest rate helped us realize our dreams,” Wright says with a smile.

Wright worked with Rummelein, Senior Vice President of Business Development at TMC Financing. When the details of the financing package started to come together, she soon realized the SBA 504 loan would exceed her expectations.

“Everything was so streamlined. It was hassle-free, it was not at all time-consuming, it wasn’t stressful. Anna, Wendy [Guan, Business Development Associate], and the TMC team made it very easy, and they were very open to answering any questions or concerns we had.”

For her part, Anna Rummelein agrees. “Time and again, we’ve seen that SBA 504 is a great fit for small and mid-sized companies in the wine industry. Renteria has more space and increased stability, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.”

Further real estate purchases may well be in the future for Renteria, Wright says. “It’s always good to diversify your investments in real estate. Now that we’ve secured the building, we’re already maximizing every square foot of it.”

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