Where Small Businesses Are Finding Money (Infographic)

June 3rd, 2013

Where Small Businesses Are Finding Money (Infographic)

As published in a recent post by Entrepreneur.

Reported in a recent post by Entrepreneur.com, an infographic about small business access to capital is highlighted:

Where Small Businesses Are Finding Money (Infographic)

Access to capital is an important factor in small business growth. Finding enough money may be a problem for many small business owners. We came across this informative infographic constructed by the accounting software firm Intuit. Intuit conducted a survey in 2012 with the National Small Business Association (NSBA) that found 47% of small business owners had trouble finding a lender in the previous four years.

Of the 53% of small business owners who did secure funds did so through banks, with 60% from large commercial banks, and 47% from smaller community banks.

Majority of the small businesses surveyed did not have to shut down their businesses from lack of revenue, and more than half (53%) claimed that they were only hindered by growth or expansion.

See below for the useful infographic:

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