Second Generation CEO Amplifies Father’s Legacy with Strategic Building Acquisition through SBA 504 Program

US Metro Group – ribbon cutting ceremony for new building acquisition

US Metro Group, a California-based janitorial firm specializing in virus eradication and safety, has leveraged the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 504 Program to purchase a 28,000-square-foot building, in Carson, CA, for $6.1 million.

Led by Evelyn Lee, the company’s second-generation CEO, this strategic acquisition pays tribute to her father’s legacy while positioning them for remarkable growth and success.

Forging a Business Legacy

Charles Kim, Founder

Charles Kim immigrated from South Korea in 1970 and humbly worked and lived out of his car. Despite these challenges, Kim founded US Metro Group with a vision that transcended the boundaries of a mere janitorial service.

Kim’s dedication and sacrifice established a home for his family and forged a solid reputation nationwide.

Recalling her father’s relentless work ethic, Evelyn Lee expresses her admiration, stating, “As a young girl, I was a bit resentful of the cleaning supplies in our car on the way to school, but now I am in awe of my father’s unwavering commitment.”

In 2015, Charles Kim’s unexpected passing thrust Evelyn Lee and her husband Brian into leadership roles. As Evelyn assumed the position of CEO and Brian became the president and Chief Financial Officer, they took it upon themselves to honor Charles Kim’s legacy and nurture the loyal clients he referred to as his “work children.”

Evelyn reflects on their company philosophy, remarking with pride, “Cleaning is a service anyone can provide, but what sets us apart is our culture—and it all started with my dad.”

The SBA 504 Program: A Strategic Move for Growth

Recognizing the need to support the company’s expansion, Evelyn understood that relocating to a more spacious and conducive operating location was essential.

With aspirations to house equipment, provide ample training space, reduce commute times, and lower overhead costs, the Lees aimed to find an ideal facility and secure affordable financing.

Dean Aloe, TMC Financing

Guided by Dean Aloe, senior vice president at TMC Financing, the Lees discovered the SBA 504 Loan Program. This program enables business owners to access up to 90% financing for the purchase, refinance, renovation, or construction of commercial real estate. With attractive features such as the low down payment requirement and below-market interest rates fixed for 25 years, the 504 loan proved to be the ideal choice for US Metro Group.

By taking advantage of the SBA 504 Program, the Lees successfully purchased their new building and gained 40 percent more space than their previous leased location.

“It was a pleasure to help US Metro Group acquire a property that will centralize their operations and stabilize their occupancy costs for the long term,” explains Aloe. “Allowing small business owners to gain access to affordable real estate financing to amplify their business growth, is exactly what the 504 Program is designed to do.”

Evelyn Lee, CEO

Evelyn Lee expresses her satisfaction, stating, “Acquiring a larger facility not only provides increased storage and training space but also satisfies my father’s vision of boosting employee morale.”

While the improved financial outlook delighted Evelyn Lee, she finds the most fulfillment in the positive impact the acquisition has on her staff. Witnessing their excitement when they settled into the new building, she said,

“It’s rewarding to see the fruits of our labor. This beautiful property fosters collaboration and innovation. Everyone is thrilled about the central location and the abundance of great food nearby!”

The relocation symbolizes a fresh start for both Evelyn Lee and the business, enabling her to enhance her father’s legacy while she leads her company into a new era.

For those interested in learning more about the SBA 504 Loan Program, contact TMC Financing today.