TMC Success Story – superstudio inc.

superstudio inc.; Culver City California; Dana Garman Jacobsen Owner/Executive Producer

• SBA 504 Financing


• Total Debt Refinanced: $5473849 (Including Tenant Improvements)

• Jobs Retained and Created: 4

• TMC Lending Partner: Bank of the West

Before purchasing an 11654 sq. ft. warehouse and adjacent 3749 sq. ft. industrial building superstudio which produces high-quality advertising for top agencies was outgrowing its space. With business growing the company was frequently forced to rent studio space on an “as-needed” basis. Superstudio is now able to operate more efficiently without being restricted by third-party scheduling.

Dana Garman Jacobsen an industry vet who has worked with such notable production companies as Propaganda Films RSA Tony Kaye and Supply and Demand founded the company in 2006. Superstudio’s unique creativity and established relationships with third-party vendors gives it its edge over industry competitors.

When the opportunity arose to purchase the Culver City property Garman Jacobsen knew the time was right.

“We’d been in business for five and a half years and were stable. This beautiful building came on the market and I decided to take the plunge” she says.

“TMC worked seamlessly with Bank of the West on a ‘big picture’ package that enabled the purchase to go through.”

“Anytime you’re in a position to buy instead of rent and can hold onto the property long term it’s probably better to own. Real estate is about longevity.”

In addition to the financial benefits Garman Jacobsen says she bought the building “for the same reason I wanted to have my own company rather than run someone else’s business. It’s about independence and quality control.”

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