TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance!

December 22nd, 2009

TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance!


As a weekly informational posting, TMC will be sharing various industries for which we have provided 90% SBA Commercial Real Estate Financing. A selection of companies that we have helped finance will be listed by industry. TMC provides 90% commercial real estate financing in California and Nevada.


Arts & Media Industry

Acoustic Specialties – San Jose

Atlas School of Dance – San Jose

Bay Guardian – San Francisco

Ben Manilla Productions (radio) – San Francisco

Borsini-Burr Galleries – Montara

Cedric Wentworth Sculpture – San Francisco

Dwight Eschilman Photography, Inc. – San Francisco

Eric Powell Arts (metal arts) – Berkeley

HeadQuarters Advertising, Inc. – San Francisco

Hollywood Operating Systems, LLC – Burbank

Liang’s Art Gallery – Hayward

Line 204 (production equipment rental) – Hollywood

Luna Gardens – Los Angeles

Nancy Hayes Casting – San Francisco

Olivia Cruises & Resorts (travel) – San Francisco

Pleasanton Rentals – Pleasanton

Sam Hurwitz Productions – San Francisco

Shooting Stars Productions – San Francisco

Stanlee R. Gatti Designs – San Francisco

Theater Publications, Inc. – Santa Clara

Talavera Ceramics – Berkeley

Thud Rumble, Ltd. (music & film) – South San Francisco

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