TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance! Series 4

January 12th, 2010

TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance! Series 4

Business Services

Arrow Capital Associates, Inc. (equipment leasing) – San Jose

Bay Area Exhibits, Inc. – Santa Clara

California Alliance Telecard, Inc. – Fremont

Controller’s Group, Inc. – San Jose

Direct Mail Center – San Francisco

E & J Valueplus (mail services) – San Jose

FSM Building Maintenance, Inc.– Livermore

Gavin De Becker & Associates – Glendale

Give Something Back, Inc. (business products) – Oakland

Golden Gate Sign Company – Oakland

Grisham Group, LLC – Alameda

Hichborn Consulting Group – Anaheim

King Security Services, Inc. – San Francisco

Payroll Solutions of California, Inc. – San Francisco

Rickenbacker Group, Inc. – Morgan Hill

Schaper Painting Co., Inc. – San Jose

Silicon Valley Security & Patrol, Inc. – San Jose

Tele-Direct Call Centers – Sacramento

Thompson/Dorfman Partners, LLC – Mill Valley

Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc. – Las Vegas

Walsh Vineyards Management, Inc. – Napa

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