TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance! Series 2

December 29th, 2009

TMC Covers an Array of Industries to Finance! Series 2

Architects & Design

1185 Design – San Jose

Bill Gould Architectural Corp. – San Jose

Choi & Robles Architecture, LLP – Alameda

Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc. – Palo Alto

Colleen Mahoney – Mill Valley

E.A. Bonelli & Associates, Inc. – Oakland

Endres Ware – Berkeley

Harwood Construction, Inc. – La Verne

James Jeffery, Architect – Napa

Jensen & Macy Architects – San Francisco

Kahn Design Associates – Berkeley

Kollin Altomare Architects, Inc. – Long Beach

Levy Art & Architecture – Hollywood

Lundberg Design – San Francisco

Moniz Architecture – Sacramento

Nueva Castilla Co. Metal Fabrication – San Francisco

Official Design Agency, LLC – Pleasanton

Pentagram Design, Inc. – San Francisco

Pinnacle Architectural Millworks, Inc. – Las Vegas, NV

Praxis Product Design – Emeryville

Roschen Van Cleve Architects – Los Angeles

Sam Hurwitz Productions – Hollywood

Todd Jersey Architecture – Berkeley

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