How to Support Local Business during the Coronavirus Crisis

Social distancing, work from home, self isolation and canceled events. These are all necessary actions in order to flatten the curve and help mitigate this crisis, however they can also be detrimental to our small business community.

Everyone has their own struggle but if you have the means and want to help support some of your favorite local businesses, here are some ideas:

Buy gift cards

Purchasing gift cards puts cash right to your favorite restaurant, shop or venue’s pocket that you can enjoy at a later date.

Shop Local Online

There are still birthdays to celebrate, homes to decorate, and new clothes to be bought. Check your local shops before you turn to amazon.

Show canceled? Buy some merch. 

If you have tickets to a show at your local theatre that gets canceled, consider making a donation to the theatre instead of asking for a refund or buying some merchandise from the artist. This will help the local artists and venue tremendously. Or, buy tickets to a show down the road.

Order In

Many restaurants are still operating for take out. Keep your local favorites busy and treat yourself to a delicious dinner in!

Write Reviews

Take some time to give your favorite shops, restaurants, bars, and venues some love on Yelp, Google Reviews, etc.

Interact Online

Many small businesses are trying to stay connected through their social media channels. Like and share their content and spread the word about their awesome services.

Tip a little more than usual

If you do venture out or order take out, consider leaving a bit more than your usual tip. Their income is dropped due to fewer patrons and every little bit can make a difference.