SOS Property Restoration Secures New Location Through SBA 504 Program, Paving the Way for Future Growth

SOS Property Restoration, a Las Vegas small business owned by Nebeu Kefale, proudly announces the successful purchase of its new location at 4141 Wagon Trail Avenue. This significant milestone was made possible through the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 504 Program, which allowed Kefale to acquire the $1.987 million property with 90 percent financing and secure a fixed, below-market interest rate.

This strategic transition from leasing to owning provides the company with increased autonomy and a solid foundation for future expansion.

The SBA 504 Program, a critical initiative to support small businesses, played a pivotal role in this acquisition. Chris Hunter, SVP of Business Development at TMC Financing, facilitated the deal.

Gaining Stability with the SBA 504 Program

The SBA 504 Program provides entrepreneurs like Mr. Kefale the opportunity to purchase real estate with minimal down payments and a 25-year below market rate, giving them stability and control,” states Hunter.

SOS Property Restoration now comfortably operates out of their newly acquired 6,060 SF industrial property.

“It feels amazing to own our operating location,” expresses Kefale. “I started out in my garage, then leased a space that we quickly outgrew, and now with building ownership, I am investing in my company’s future rather than paying someone else’s mortgage.

“With leasing, you never know when you can get kicked out of your space. Now, I have a sense of security.”

The SBA 504 program’s low down payment seals the deal

With the SBA 504 loan, the down payment requirement is significantly lower compared to conventional financing options, making it an attractive choice for small business owners. Borrowers contribute as little as 10 percent of the total project cost as a down payment. This reduced upfront capital commitment allows entrepreneurs to preserve their cash flow and invest in other critical aspects of their business.

With TMC’s help, Kefale also found a bank to partner with on the loan, as SBA 504 loans include the owner’s down payment (10% for most deals), 50% from the partnering bank and the remaining 40% financed through TMC Financing.

According to Kefale, the low down payment is what attracted him most to the program. “Even though I had the money for a 20 percent down payment, I wanted to keep more cash for the business,” explains Kefale. “I wanted to keep a healthy cash flow and maintain room for new business ventures.”

New Avenues for Growth

SOS Property Restoration Utilizes SBA 504 Loan Program to Purchase BuildingSOS Property Restoration restores homes and businesses to their original or better condition after a disaster has stricken. They handle water damage, fire damage, mold, trauma and bio clean ups just to name a few.

With space to grow in his new building, Kefale can explore new avenues for business growth.

“Within the next year, I’ll be adding a wholesale element to the business,” states Kefale. “I never would have been able to grow the business this way in our leased location.”

New Chapter Following the SBA 504 Loan

Switching from leasing to owning signifies a new chapter for SOS Property Restoration. It grants them the space and security needed to expand their services, enhance customer offerings, and further establish their presence in the Las Vegas market.

“Having complete control over our premises enables me to focus on long-term growth and provides a solid foundation for further success,” concludes Kefale.

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