Small Business Creativity: SBA 504 loan video series!

January 9th, 2013

Small Business Creativity: SBA 504 loan video series!

Small businesses have responded to online and social media marketing opportunities with more creativity than ever before. Our clients often amaze us with the unique and interesting content we discover online while getting to know their companies during the financing process.

A small business in Urbana, Iowa has taken their marketing to a new level after a recent experience obtaining an SBA 504 commercial real estate loan. US Cargo Control, a cargo control and moving supply company, received a 504 loan to purchase a building in 2011. After receiving the loan US Cargo Control’s CFO filmed a series of 12 videos, each covering an aspect of the SBA 504 loan process, and released them one by one on their blog. US Cargo Control reports that the videos have received a very positive response from other businesses interested in 504 financing and lenders in the industry.

Read the full story about this innovative company here
and watch the videos here.

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