SBA offers small business aids to succeed

July 16th, 2013

SBA offers small business aids to succeed

As published in the DVT Online publication, and by the NADCO newsletter:

Delia Gomez, a representative from the Las Vegas Small Business Administration (SBA), defined SBA as an agency who can help business owners to start, as well as also provide help for the business owners to grow. She mentioned that the SBA provides loans, valuable resources and networking events to help business owners succeed. Delia introduced three resource partners to the audiences during a luncheon on Wednesday, July 10th. These three resource partners included: SCORE, SBDC and WBC.
SCORE is a national network of entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives. They volunteer in the SBA program and will give advice to the small business owners. SCORE provides counseling services for free, helping small business owners expand their network in their industry. Also providing regular training workshops and seminars.
SBDC(Small Business Development Center) also work with SBA by helping small businesses. Offering one-on-one advice from expert business owners. There are more than 900 locations and you can easily find a local center that best fits you.
WBC (Women’s Business Centers) primarily serves women entrepreneurs with passion, helping women plan without needing a high education level. Providing free or low-cost training to their members and often provide night training classes.

SBA offers small businesses aids to succeed

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is an agency that helps would-be business owners, as well as those already open, to thrive and succeed, according to Delia Gomez, a SBA representative from Las Vegas.

Gomez said that the SBA is able to help many small businesses get started and become successful through its different resource partners, loans and other programs, outlining ways members of the Mesquite Area Chamber of Commerce could benefit during the luncheon Wednesday.

The SBA formed in July of 1953 as part of the Small Business Act in Congress. Congress formed the group to “aid, counsel, assist and protect, insofar as is possible, the interests of small business concerns” according the SBA’s website,

In the SBA magazine there is a letter from Administrator Karen Mills in which she says, “At the SBA, and across the administration, we are focused on making sure that entrepreneurs and small business owners have the tools, resources and relationships you need to do what you do best: grow and create jobs.” Resource Partners

The SBA partners with SCORE, a national network of entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives who volunteer to advise small business owners. SCORE is able to provide small business owners with information about the community they’re in. SCORE does provide counseling for free. There are also training workshops and seminars available. A SCORE office will be coming to Mesquite in the future. To learn more about SCORE, visit the website at or

The Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC) also works with the SBA in helping small business succeed. The SBDC offers free one-on-one advice from real-life, expert business owners. There are also low-cost training programs offered. There are more than 900 locations of SBDC offices nationwide.

The SBA also has Womens’ Business Centers (WBC) that are used as a resource as well. Gomez said the women’s center is primarily for women who may not be highly educated but still have passion and a plan. The WBC offers convenient times for different services including during the weekend and at night. Most services are free or are low-cost. The WBC also helps men if needed.


The SBA’s primary loan program is the 7(a) program. This loan program is accessible to a wide variety of applicants because it has broad eligibility requirements. The loans the SBA offers come from banks and other approved lenders, not from the agency. Gomez said once the loan information is in their portfolio the SBA can do whatever it needs to do to ensure the small business isn’t swamped by the loan. “We will make sure the borrower has the lowest term possible,” Gomez said.

Another loan program the SBA offers in the 504 loan program. This program is available for developing businesses. This loan program is different from the 7(a) program because: the maximum long-term loan is $5 million for businesses that create a certain number of jobs or improve the local economy, as well as other factors according to the SBA magazine. A business needs to be small and an organized for-profit in order to qualify for a 504 loan.

There is also a disaster loan program in place to help homeowners, renters and business owners. The SBA will send a disaster team to the area and help people get back on track. The loan does have to be paid back at an interest rate of about 3 percent. Other Programs

The SBA does offer help with contracting as well. The SBA works with different agencies to award at least 23 percent of all government contracts to small businesses. SBA makes sure small businesses have access to long-lasting development opportunities. If small businesses have those opportunities they are able to stay competitive.

To see what else the SBA offers small businesses visit the website at The group has Facebook page at: and a Twitter at:

“We are on your side to help you be successful,” Gomez said.

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