SBA Green Energy Success Story: Waterworks Aquatics

April 28th, 2014

SBA Green Energy Success Story: Waterworks Aquatics

Waterworks Aquatics
San Jose, CA

Waterworks Aquatics is a swim school with six locations across Southern California. The company recently wanted to expand operations for the first time in Northern California and needed a creative, affordable financing solution.

Luckily, Waterworks Aquatics learned about TMC Financing’s SBA 504 “Go Green” program while purchasing another facility, financed through an SBA 504 loan with TMC a few years earlier. TMC’s SBA 504 Green Energy initiative allowed Waterworks to access more financing than they would have been eligible to obtain anywhere else. The financing project included the purchase and complete renovation of a new facility in San Jose, CA. The “Green” portion of the loan included the installation of a solar-thermal heating system that heats both the pool water and acts as a renewable energy source for the facility. The investment in this technology was included in the total cost of the loan.

Waterworks Aquatics was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Alpert and Andrew Brown.

Click here to learn more about Waterworks Aquatics NEW San Jose location!

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