Financing wineries and vineyards: Léal Vineyards

TMC SBA 504 success story

“Every year I grew as I could financially. I opened the restaurant in 2013 and it’s called the Grove. When I paired up with TMC, Bruce and his crew did a wonderful job of walking me through the financing end of it and that gave me more time to focus on building a concept for the restaurant. I went with the 504, and it’s a twenty year, fixed, fully amortized loan, and was able to keep some of my capital in order to invest in my business. With the ten percent down payment, it allowed me to bring in a top heavy hitter chef. I manage every department of my business, so I know everything from growing grapes to making wine, then came food and entertainment, and now it’s lodging, so it’s, it’s run full circle. TMC was a great partner. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that’s ready to grow.” – Frank Léal

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