TMC takes another Trolley Tour through Oakland

Every year TMC employees and board members hop on a trolley and visit some of our local clients. At TMC, we process about 250 loans a year. With each deal, staff is inundated with numbers, memos, correspondence with bankers, submissions, and closing docs. It is a privilege to be able to help each and every business we work with – however we often don’t get to see the fruits of our labor. This is what the trolley tour is for.

Our 2018 Trolley Tour was our 13th tour and our 3rd tour in Oakland. We visited three amazing clients with wonderful stories within a couple mile radius.

Art Tile


Our first stop was at Art Tile where we were able to learn about the business from Patrick Feely, President of Art Tile.

  • Located at 4336 Broadway, Oakland CA
  • Patrick has two loans with TMC
  • Loan #1: SBA 504 Loan used to purchase a mixed-use building he was previously leasing and stabilized his occupancy costs. Additionally, he increased his monthly cash flow with the rental income from the residential units
  • Loan #2: Community Advantage Loan used to finance equipment as well as the build-out of another showroom

Rockridge Montessori School


Our second stop was at Rockridge Montessori School where we learned about the family business from Paul O’Valle and Sandi Zorinich

  • Main location is located at 5610 Broadway, Oakland, CA
  • Two loans with TMC
  • Loan #1: SBA 504 loan used to purchase a building for the school in 2005
  • Loan #2: SBA 504 loan used to build-out one of their expansion properties
  • The 504 Program opened the doors for Rockridge Montessori School to grow, create jobs, and to serve the community

Kingfish Pub


Our final stop was at Kingfish Pub where we met with Emil Peinert

  • Located at 5239 Telegraph, Oakland, CA
  • A 504 loan helped save this iconic Oakland pub
  • The loan was used to physically pick up and move the bar across the street and to build a beautiful back patio