Invitation to Exxel Event

February 16th, 2012

Invitation to Exxel Event

“We are excited to be sponsoring the grand opening event for one of our clients, Exxel Outdoors, a leading producer and distributor of outdoor recreational gear. Exxel is expanding into a new 156,000 square foot complex in the City of Industry. The purchase was financed with an SBA 504 loan from TMC. U.S. Congresswomen Napolitano and Chu will be honered at the event for their support of American manufacturing and efforts to promote economic growth and job creation in the small business sector. All are welcome to attend.”

Invitation to Exxel Event

Exxel Outdoors manufactures and distributes camping and outdoor recreational gear in both the United States and Asia, and owns and operates the largest sleeping bag factory in America.

“In 2000, when everyone else was packing up their factories and running to China, we did a very calculated roll of the dice and purchased a closed down sleeping bag factory in Alabama,” explains CEO Harry Kazazian. “We hired back the workers and invested in it to make it the most efficient sleeping bag factory in the world.”

Exxel’s commitment to American jobs recently earned Kazazian an invitation to the White House to participate in President Obama’s Insourcing American Jobs Forum. Last August, Congresswoman Judy Chu named him “Businessman of the Year” for his work in job creation in California’s San Gabriel Valley.

Exxel’s customers include mass retailers and sporting goods chains in the U.S. and abroad.

“We deliver high-value products so families can afford to have fun in the outdoors without spending a fortune,” says Kazazian.

Kazazian and his business partner, Exxel Outdoors President Armen Kouleyan credit their success to “seeing opportunities the other guys don’t see, and taking chances to pursue those opportunities.”

When Exxel’s former lease ran out, Kazazian knew the time was right to buy: “We were in expansion mode, property prices were good and interest rates were low.”

“TMC helped us close the deal with the best possible rate and terms. We’re now able to invest in ourselves and control our own destiny as we grow our company.”

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