Employee Spotlight: Kurt Chambliss

March 14th, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Kurt Chambliss

This is our second post in our new Employee Spotlight series in an effort for you to get to know the TMC team.

This month, we are showcasing Kurt Chambliss, a Senior Vice President of Business Development in our Walnut Creek office.

Kurt Chambliss, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Kurt works with brokers and lenders to assist their clients in obtaining SBA 504 financing. After being referred to a small business owner, he works with the owner by reviewing the details of the loan, describing the overall process and being their main point of contact.

“As a 1st mortgage lender for the last 15 years [before joining the TMC team], I could always count on TMC’s experience and professionalism to make sure my deals closed quickly and smoothly,” says Kurt.

“TMC does more deals than any other CDC in Northern California, and this experience helps navigate the sometimes tricky waters of SBA financing.”

What Kurt finds most rewarding in his work with TMC is closing the big, challenging deals. His number one goal is to help even more small business owners experience the benefit of owning their building with below-market, fixed-rate financing.

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