Employee Spotlight: Briana Carter

February 14th, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Briana Carter

This is the first post in our new Employee Spotlight series. We will be highlighting a number of our employees in an effort for you to get to know the TMC team.

This month, we are showcasing Briana Carter, a Marketing Associate in our San Francisco headquarters.

Briana Carter, Marketing Associate

Briana primarily assists the business development team. She helps with coordination during the initial stages of a borrower’s 504 loan application, and works with the marketing team to promote the 504 program through various marketing campaigns and events. Briana is a bubbly person who keeps the TMC staff laughing each day.

A recent college graduate, Briana was eager to get out into the “real” world when she started with TMC. In her current role she loves learning new things about small businesses and looks forward to exploring different areas of the company.

“It’s been so rewarding to see small businesses get a chance to grow their business with TMC’s help,” says Briana.

In her off hours, Briana enjoys reading, music and watching football.

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