DESERT GYMCATS: A gymnastics instruction school breaks ground in Las Vegas, Nevada

TMC Financing provides SBA 504 loan to Stacy and Jessica to create the first Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling gym in Las Vegas, Nevada

The mother-daughter duo of Stacy Carrero and Jessica Stokely-Spruell break ground on their new location for their gymnastics instruction school, DESERT GYMCATS, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Desert Gymcats was created in 2002 by Stacy and her daughter Jessica. Stacy is more than familiar with the gymnastics industry since she has owned gymnastic centers since 1976. What started as a small center with about 125 students, has grown into a gymnastics empire instructing nearly 1500 students. Desert Gymcats is a versatile gymnastic center that offers dance, cheer, trampoline, and tumbling. Stacy will tell you herself that the key to her center’s success is having the best people and treating them as though they are irreplaceable. It clearly works since Desert Gymcats has the highest staff retention rate in Southern Nevada.

Jessica is no stranger to the gymnastics industry either. She has many achievements; some of the most amazing are 2-time Junior Olympic National Qualifier, 3-time Academic All American, and Woman of the year in 1991. She has 30 years of experience as a choreographer and creates routines for Junior Olympic Qualifiers.

Desert Gymcats teaches students of all ages and skill levels. Although their current 13,000 square foot building is filled with Olympic specific equipment, they want to better accommodate their growing student base, especially the younger up and coming generations.

The new building will be 18,100 square feet with state of the art equipment and staff. This will be the new home to Desert Gymcats’ cheerleading and tumbling programs. The Olympic hopefuls will also be training primarily at the new location allowing the old location to focus on boys training and recreational gymnastics.

At TMC, we are very much looking forward to both the completion of the building and the success of the Desert Gymcats. The new gymnasium and trampoline facility construction was kicked off with an official Ground Breaking Ceremony and Celebration on December 12th. TMC Financing Senior Vice President, Ann Santiago, was present at the ceremony.

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