Bonanza Cat Hospital celebrates expansion into new facility

July 2nd, 2014

Bonanza Cat Hospital celebrates expansion into new facility

As published in KTNV ABC Channel 13 News:

Bonanza Cat Hospital celebrates expansion into new facility

Bonanza Cat Hospital on Skypointe Drive in northwest Las Vegas recently underwent a $958,000 expansion.

Bonanza Cat Hospital is one of the few 24-hour cat hospital in Southern Nevada.

The expansion was possible because of a SBA 504 loan through TMC Financing. The loan allowed the hospital to expand into a new 6,883-square-foot full-service cat hospital.

“An SBA 504 loan is great for a facility like this, because it requires only 10 percent down,” said Cindy Santilena, senior vice president for TMC Financing’s Southern Nevada office. “For growing businesses an SBA 504 loan allows you to keep the cash in your business, continue operations with no downtime and cover moving expenses. It is also a good option for small business owners that are currently leasing their buildings. You can own your own building, which is an investment in the business, instead of making monthly payments to someone else.”

Bonanza Cat Hospital was founded by Linda Steelman in 1995. Steelman is also an advocate for cats, and founded the Poppy Foundation to help provide free and low-cost medical care for those who can’t afford regular veterinary services. She says cats are still underserved for health care, both locally and nationally.

Steelman recommends bringing cats into the vet every year for a check-up. “One of the biggest barriers for cat owners to bring them in for visits is that they get very scared,” she said. “If you get a cat when it is young, we recommend taking them in the car for reasons other than vet visits, so they don’t always associate the car with a shot. Cats are very smart and have long memories. They don’t forget the last time they had a bad experience!”

Steelman says she loves the challenge of working with cats. “I love their idiosyncrasies,” she said. “It’s a different kind of vet practice. In general, cat vets spend a lot more time with the patients and their parents. I love cats and enjoy working with them every day.”

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