Barbara Morrison named one of San Francisco Business Times’ Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business

May 8th, 2013

Barbara Morrison named one of San Francisco Business Times’ Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business

Your president & CEO was named one of San Francisco Business Times’ most influential women in Bay Area business this year. We are proud to have Barbara awarded with such an honor amongst many other inspiring women.

See Barbara’s feature here.

Published in the San Francisco Business Times:

Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business By: Krystal Peak

Sitting in a C-suite often has its perks, but much of the time, when an executive joins a meeting or is speaking at a conference, their title walks into the room, not their personality.

For a slideshow of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business, click here

When the Business Times approached me to gather bios on the influential women who would be honored in our annual Most Influential Women of the Bay Area publication, I wanted to make sure that more than a title came through.

That’s why we asked the women in the publication to reveal something about themselves that was surprising, but true. What we learned: some have served in the armed forces overseas, others raise their own hens so they can have fresh, organic eggs. From bird callers and boogie boarders to cheerleaders and chefs, these women have a lot of talent outside the boardroom. One influential woman even claims that she can solve a Rubik’s cube in 3 minutes or less.

And since inspiration and motivation drive most of these women to do their jobs, we wanted to know who they look us to as their female role model. We got a diverse range of responses, from Doris Day to Margaret Thatcher. Nearly 40 percent of the women said that they considered a female family member their personal role model (thanks mom) followed by a handful of responses that Hillary Clinton, Sandra Day O’Conner, Condoleezza Rice and Sheryl Sandberg inspire them. A handful of honorees even mentioned former (and current) SF Business Times Influential Women who they look up to for inspiration.

While many of these women already wield a great deal of power, we wanted to know what powers they would like to conjure up if they so choose. The responses certainly make me wish I could pen up a new issue of Marvel Comics – Bay Area Wonder Women edition. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 16% want the ability to teleport
  • 11% want the ability to fly
  • 11% want to control time or time travel
  • 9% want to be able to cure disease or alleviate pain
  • 5% want the ability to function with little or no sleep
  • 5% want to be able to speak all languages
  • Only one wants the ability to breathe under water
  • Only one wants to shoot lasers out of her eyes

Want to meet some of the most influential women? Come to the dinner at the Hilton San Francisco on June 6 honoring the 140 women. Click here to register.

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