Working with TMC was great. I felt very supported and they guided me through the process. The people I worked with believed in me, believed in the project.

—Maria Davis

Working with Chris couldn't have been any easier for me. He is the most laid back financial guy that I've ever worked with for sure. 100% the best. He is very knowledgeable and to the point.

—Michael Eby, owner of EBY Iron Designs

Kurt was a tremendous help. This was uncharted territory for us so he led the way. He helped us get a competitive rate from the first mortgage lender and made sure we closed quickly to meet the seller’s deadline. He has been a fantastic resource for us.

—Jere Van Puffelen, Co-founder and President, Prism Logistics

Kurt was absolutely excellent. He was fast, communicative, and always clear. He worked smoothly with our other bank and even arranged the appraisals for us. His help and expertise allowed us to complete the project with efficiency.

—Manoj Vuriti, Safari Kid

Jim was a key player in helping me obtain financing to purchase my building. I had never bought a building before so Jim came in, took the reins, and guided me all the way to the finish line. He helped me find a good first lender when my other one backed out. Every time I reached out to Jim, he was there to give me the best advice. We’re a small family owned business that never had a chance to own our building but because of TMC Financing, it happened. Jim and the entire TMC team are beyond fantastic.

—Ralph Jensen, Owner, Jensen Fasteners

TMC must stand for Terrific aMazing Company. They are FANTASTIC.

A friend referred me to them, and they helped me get a loan in absolute record time. Every time we emailed, they responded within minutes (even late in the evening), highly professional, and super helpful. If you need their services for any reason whatsoever, Do Not Hesitate. They're great.

—Jonathan Bender, Owner, WholeSpeak

We had some non-standard things on our application, but the folks at TMC were kind, patient, and diligent in making this work for us. Unlike the big, faceless bank, I could email the Executive VP of TMC and get an email back in minutes; and it wasn’t just some cold, corporate text, but personalized, compassionate, and fast answers to all of my (frankly, ridiculous) questions.

Our loan was submitted by the team at TMC and approved within 24 hours. Everything is done now and we are just waiting for the government to distribute the funds. I know of several non-profits in the area I volunteer in, who have now, on the recommendation of our friend, used TMC for their SBA loan applications. They also were approved quickly, all saying that TMC has saved them, too.

I cannot overstate that this is a lifesaver for my business and it means the world to me that everyone I worked with at TMC was so dedicated to serving businesses like mine. I will forever be referring any clients and friends who need business financing to these folks, because I know they will be in absolutely amazing hands.

—Angelique Ronald, Owner

My happy client relationship with this company started just a week ago, and in that time they secured me a life saving PPP loan for my small company, and did the same for TWO Non profits serving un privileged kids, plus some individuals I referred. None of us even had a prior client relationship, and a couple of the loans were so small they probably practically lost money on doing them. Kurt Chambliss was incredibly kind, professional and responsive. From what I saw, these are GOOD PEOPLE. Their service just blew away BofA, Chase, PayPal, First Republic, and several others, just a world of difference on customer service and follow through. Incredible 24 hour or less turn time, alerting us when loan numbers were received at all hours, on and on. I don't know yet what all services they offer, but this is my new go-to financial services company for whatever they do.

—Matthew Fraser, Owner, Education Unlimited

I want you to know and I'm not embarrassed to tell you that yesterday's approval email had me sobbing. I have been in business since 1986, I've followed all the rules, paid all the taxes, reported every dime of income, survived a couple recessions, and been honest with my employees and customers. To be told I can't work and to sit and watch my business die has been emotionally exhausting and super frustrating. The CARES funding was to help small businesses so when I read the news that organizations like Shake Shack, The Lakers, and other larger companies received the first round of funding had me ready to throw in the towel. I applied through Bank of America who I've banked with for twenty five years within the first hour of the program and to this day have not heard one thing other than my application was complete. So thank you for listening, thank you for the help, thank you for reaching out, THANK YOU! I will complete the paperwork this morning and like always pay my obligations. This will help my small business survive.

—Kevin McKee, Owner, Okell’s Fireplace

TMC facilitated the SBA loan that enabled us to purchase the building we now occupy in Hayward, California. TMC was fabulous—so many other lenders back then told us NO, and TMC made it happen for us. The real estate purchase was by far, the single most beneficial business move we have ever made, and TMC navigated us through a loan process we thought impenetrable.

—Scott Drnek, Owner, Virtuoso Performance

It’s been a long process, from us deciding to purchase our own building and now completing the SBA funding. The SBA mechanism is a great tool to encourage small businesses like us to get the support they need to provide much needed services to our communities. Thanks for what you do!

—Maria Osmena, Owner, Livewell Medical Clinic

The SBA is stable, no-nonsense and has locked in rates which gives us projectable expenses. They share the forward-looking mentality that we have, which is encouraging growth and diversity. If you partner with a good loan expert like TMC Financing, they will help you see it through and that makes us a better company in the long run. There was no question or problem I had that I didn’t get an immediate response on…that makes us both win

—Dr. John Kenny, Owner, Northwest Career College

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FlexCare Medical Staffing

FlexCare Medical Staffing

Was leasing and needed room to grow: “Our cost per square foot dropped 20%,” says CEO Travis Mannon, “and rates are so low you’d be crazy not to buy.”

AutoCrib, Inc.

AutoCrib, Inc.

Unified manufacturing operations with a larger facility: “Owning is really the way to go because you get to depreciate the building in a tax-advantaged way,” says founder Stephen Pixley.

Folktale Winery

Folktale Winery

Expanded with new winery, vineyard and tasting room: “It was a challenging deal, but TMC did a great job of managing the challenges,” says owner Greg Ahn.

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Lodge

Yosemite resort opens spring 2016: “Without the SBA piece from TMC we couldn’t have gotten this done,” says owner Lee Zimmerman.