Matthew Fraser, Owner, Education Unlimited

My happy client relationship with this company started just a week ago, and in that time they secured me a life saving PPP loan for my small company, and did the same for TWO Non profits serving un privileged kids, plus some individuals I referred. None of us even had a prior client relationship, and a couple of the loans were so small they probably practically lost money on doing them. Kurt Chambliss was incredibly kind, professional and responsive. From what I saw, these are GOOD PEOPLE. Their service just blew away BofA, Chase, PayPal, First Republic, and several others, just a world of difference on customer service and follow through. Incredible 24 hour or less turn time, alerting us when loan numbers were received at all hours, on and on. I don’t know yet what all services they offer, but this is my new go-to financial services company for whatever they do.