Kevin McKee, Owner, Okell’s Fireplace

I want you to know and I’m not embarrassed to tell you that yesterday’s approval email had me sobbing. I have been in business since 1986, I’ve followed all the rules, paid all the taxes, reported every dime of income, survived a couple recessions, and been honest with my employees and customers. To be told I can’t work and to sit and watch my business die has been emotionally exhausting and super frustrating.

The CARES funding was to help small businesses so when I read the news that organizations like Shake Shack, The Lakers, and other larger companies received the first round of funding had me ready to throw in the towel. I applied through Bank of America who I’ve banked with for twenty five years within the first hour of the program and to this day have not heard one thing other than my application was complete.

So thank you for listening, thank you for the help, thank you for reaching out, THANK YOU! I will complete the paperwork this morning and like always pay my obligations. This will help my small business survive.