Angelique Ronald, Owner

We had some non-standard things on our application, but the folks at TMC were kind, patient, and diligent in making this work for us. Unlike the big, faceless bank, I could email the Executive VP of TMC and get an email back in minutes; and it wasn’t just some cold, corporate text, but personalized, compassionate, and fast answers to all of my (frankly, ridiculous) questions.

Our loan was submitted by the team at TMC and approved within 24 hours. Everything is done now and we are just waiting for the government to distribute the funds. I know of several non-profits in the area I volunteer in, who have now, on the recommendation of our friend, used TMC for their SBA loan applications. They also were approved quickly, all saying that TMC has saved them, too.

I cannot overstate that this is a lifesaver for my business and it means the world to me that everyone I worked with at TMC was so dedicated to serving businesses like mine. I will forever be referring any clients and friends who need business financing to these folks, because I know they will be in absolutely amazing hands.