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Turn Equity Trapped in Real Estate into Cash with the SBA 504 Program

The SBA 504 Program provides an easy solution to potentially save small businesses thousands on their monthly occupancy costs and provides an opportunity to access cash trapped in equity. With refinance rates at record lows, currently 3.03 percent on a 25-year fixed term, now is the most opportune time to refinance with an SBA 504 loan.


Lease vs Own: Tax Benefits of Buying a Building for your Business

Making the decision to buy your first building may be scary – but the benefits to owning far outweigh those of leasing – and the SBA 504 Program makes purchasing real estate for your business easier. While some of the benefits to owning a building may be obvious, the tax benefits of buying a building for your business are often not factored into the equation – but should be!


Financing A Hotel Project with an SBA 504 Loan

As posted in CREW East Bay – The Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 commercial real estate loan program offers a potential solution that savvy hoteliers should consider utilizing when financing a hotel purchase.


Is it Hard to Get an SBA Loan?

If SBA loans come with such advantageous terms, many small business owners wonder – is it hard to get an SBA loan? 

The short answer  No, it is not hard to get an SBA loan! Most businesses are eligible and qualifying is easier than you might think!