Success Stories

Family business improves senior care in smaller communities

“We approach the market from a real estate perspective,” Dinesh Sawhney said. “It’s probably not a common path – from shopping centers to a hotel to high-level memory care facilities for seniors with dementia – but there is a need in our market for assisted living, so that’s where the opportunities are.”

ACT truck multiple SBA loans

Multiple SBA loans amplify business growth for TMC client

“Without the SBA 504 loan program, we’d be 30 percent less successful. If we had to come up with a much higher down payment, we’d have that much less to put into our business,” says Walt Singer, owner of ACT Environmental Services. ACT have leveraged multiple SBA 504 loans to propel ACT’s growth into a nationally recognized leader in environmental management services. “It doesn’t make sense to make long-term investments in someone else’s property. It just wouldn’t pay off. Property ownership is the way to go, long-term.”


Assisted living: A new avenue for SBA 504 lending

The country’s aging population, increased consumer demands and advances in medical care are driving current trends in suburban medical space development. As a result, we’re seeing an increase in SBA 504 lending for assisted living facilities and owner-occupied medical facilities and there are some common trends emerging.


Wineries: SBA 504 financing for facilities and equipment

Finding the capital for expansion can be tough for smaller wineries, vineyards and wine-related businesses. Despite the wine industry’s recovery back to pre-recession profitability, many banks shy away from complex, cyclical, commodity-driven businesses like wine. That’s what makes the SBA 504 loan program a perfect pairing for wineries.


Historic Carmel Green Lantern Inn changes hands

“The main reason I bought it was the chance to put my fingerprints on it” Amrish Patel said of his newly purchased Green Lantern Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea Calif. “We’re making improvements but maintaining its charm.”