Success Stories

Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center: Creating a lasting legacy in Las Vegas

Electric vehicle charging stations, energy-efficient lighting and water conservation measures helped the Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center in Las Vegas qualify for $5.5 million in SBA 504 financing. “A conventional loan would have meant 20 percent or more out-of-pocket from our working cash,” Eglet said. “With TMC, we don’t have as much risk.”


Heritage Solutions taps TMC for real estate and equipment financing

Heritage Solutions used the SBA 504 program for both real estate and equipment financing. “Without SBA help,” CEO John Tatum said, “we couldn’t afford to buy this equipment. This is the best printing machine in the country and no one else has it but us. Without the SBA and the ability to finance over 20 years, I would have been too scared. If we had to finance the machine over five to seven years like most loans, I don’t think we could have done it.”


Hospitality financing on a majestic scale: Rush Creek Lodge

“There were so many reasons for the banks to say no. It’s non-flagged, ground-up construction in a remote area, needing all of its own infrastructure, following the economic recession and just after the Rim Fire. Without the SBA piece from TMC, we couldn’t have gotten this done.”


SBA 504 restaurant financing: The Slanted Door

“Working with TMC was like having an expert field guide taking you thought a thick jungle. In the real estate business, you are working within a short window of time. In a hot market like San Francisco, I can’t tell someone I need six months. I need the right person to get the job done and that’s TMC,” says James Beard Award-winning restaurateur Charles Phan of The Slanted Door Group in San Francisco.

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