Unlimited SBA Financing

Unlimited SBA financing: qualify with these energy efficiency improvements

SBA 504 loans benefit business owners by combining a low down payment with long-term, below-market interest rates. Adding energy efficient upgrades when you buy, build or renovate a building and you can dramatically lower your occupancy costs.

Under the SBA energy-efficiency program, there is no limit to the size or number of projects business owners may finance using the SBA 504 program. Even if usual SBA limits have already been met, a business may borrow up to $5.5 million in an SBA second mortgage for each project.

There are two ways to qualify for unlimited SBA financing through this program:

  1. Reduce energy consumption by 10%

For example, installing energy-efficient lighting may reduce overall energy consumption as compared to your prior or pre-renovated building. New windows, insulation, HVAC or energy-efficient equipment may also help reduce consumption.


  1. Generate renewable energy or renewable fuels to make up 10% of energy use

For example, installing solar panels and/or wind turbines to generate at least 10% of energy for business use.

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Unlimited SBA Financing with Energy Efficiencies

Eglet Law Group

Eglet Law Group

$17.95 million
Legal Services Office
Las Vegas, NV

9to5 Seating

9to5 Seating

$9.3 million
Hawthorne, CA

Waterworks Aquatics

Waterworks Aquatics

$6.1 million
Aquatics Center
San Jose, CA

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Lodge

$30+ Million
143-Room Lodge
Near Yosemite National Park