Stephanie Garrido

Business Development Associate

Stephanie is a business development associate at TMC Financing, partnering with lenders, brokers and small businesses throughout the South Bay, Silicon Valley and Central Coast area. As a business development associate, Stephanie works with TMC’s senior business development team to provide analysis and support for the financing of SBA 504 commercial real estate loans. She helps facilitate the loan process to ensure timeliness, efficiency, and a positive experience for all partners.

Stephanie guides business owners through the SBA loan process, helping them secure SBA financing and achieve their goals of owning their own commercial property. She is an advocate and resource for small business owners and is passionate about helping local businesses thrive.

Prior to joining TMC Financing, Stephanie was a banker for various private sector banks and a loan officer at a small lending company. Her experience, combined with her passion for small business, gives her the tools to build a trusting relationship, be the best small business champion, and help close complex transactions.

Stephanie graduated from San Jose State University with a double major in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. She is a Bay Area native and a lifelong student of Astrology. Stephanie is inquisitive by nature and loves learning about people. In her spare time, you can find her taking her two dogs, Bella and Dolly, on scent explorations or diving into new topics  such as Human Design to better understand herself and those around her.